Who is Flowrite Metering Inc.?

Since 2011, Flowrite Metering Inc. has been committed to providing clients across the nation our professional knowledge and expertise in water, electric and gas submetering installations and service.

We are a small business that is able to give proper and individualized attention to project details in both residential and commercial applications. With over 50 years of combined experience, our knowledge of current technologies gives clients the upper hand in ensuring our work lives up to incredible standards. Our goal is to ensure proper resource conservation and give clients a state of the art system that will last for years.

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Company History

Thank you for considering FlowRite Metering to help simplify your billing and keep your costs under control. With over 50 years of direct experience in submetering, our team can help you optimize your savings.

2011 FlowRite Opened Its Doors

With just a few residential accounts FlowRite started helping customers standardize their billing.

2013 Solid Footprint in Commercial

Expanded from multi-family residential and very small commercial accounts to a solid customer base in both multi-family & commercial submetering.

2016 Expanded Commercial Offerings

Optimized our services to help commercial clients meet specific goals through properly planned usage of submetering within their individual properties.

2019 Expanded Services To More States

Due to the growth in this industry, FlowRite has moved into more and more states. We are currently on track to be nation-wide by 2022.

Find Equity Find Equity

Find out where the most water, gas, and energy is being used.

Save Money Save Money

Figure out which units or components are using the most.

Impartial Billing Impartial Billing

Let each tennants paying for their portion... fairly.

Electric Electric

Figure out where the enrgy spikes are in your usage.

Water Water

Not sure where you are losing water? Find out for sure.

Natural Gas Natural Gas

Want to ensure everyone is paying for what they use?