How Submetering Can Improve Your Building’s Energy Efficiency

In the compelling journey towards energy efficiency and sustainability, FlowRite Metering stands as a strategic ally for property owners. We offer submetering solutions that are not merely about measurement but epitomize the integration of precision, innovation, and intelligence in utility management. Our commitment is to transform buildings into epitomes of efficiency, where every unit of energy is not just consumed but optimized for the pinnacle of performance and sustainability.

Granular Data and Insightful Analytics

Precision in Measurement

Submetering is anchored in the precision of data. Every kilowatt-hour of electricity, every cubic meter of gas, and every liter of water is accurately measured. This granularity extends beyond billing; it offers insightful analytics enabling property owners to have a microscopic view of the energy consumption patterns within their premises.

Real-time Insights

FlowRite Metering's advanced submetering technology delivers real-time insights. Property owners gain access to data that is not just historical but real-time, offering the agility to make informed decisions that enhance energy efficiency dynamically.

Customized Energy Efficiency Strategies

Individualized Data

Every tenant, every unit, and every building has unique energy consumption patterns. Our submetering solutions offer data that is as diverse as the tenants and units it serves. Property owners can tailor energy efficiency strategies that are specific, targeted, and optimally effective.

Adaptive Implementations

Energy efficiency is not static; it’s dynamic and evolving. Our submetering systems are designed for adaptability, ensuring that as consumption patterns change, the data and insights adapt, offering a continuously relevant platform for energy efficiency enhancements.

Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

Conscious Consumption

Submetering fosters an environment of conscious consumption. Tenants are empowered with data that makes them active participants in energy conservation. It’s a partnership where the quest for energy efficiency is collective, inclusive, and shared.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

For property owners, the cumulative effect of individual energy savings is significant. Buildings transform into ecosystems of efficiency, characterized by reduced energy consumption, lower operational costs, and a markedly reduced carbon footprint.

Technological Integration and Automation

Smart Technology

At FlowRite Metering, we are at the forefront of integrating smart technology into submetering. Systems are not just automated but intelligent. They offer predictive analytics, artificial intelligence insights, and machine learning adaptations that make energy efficiency not just a goal but an intuitive, automated outcome.

Seamless Integrations

Our submetering solutions are engineered for seamless integration with existing building management systems. It’s a symbiosis that enhances not just energy efficiency but the overall operational efficiency, safety, and performance of the entire building.

Compliance, Reporting, and Certification

Regulatory Compliance

Energy efficiency is often at the core of regulatory compliance for modern buildings. Our submetering solutions are designed to align with regulatory requirements, offering detailed reporting, analytics, and compliance features that make adherence to legal standards effortless and precise.

Green Building Certifications

Buildings equipped with FlowRite Metering's submetering technology stand at an advantageous position to attain green building certifications. The data, insights, and energy savings contribute to meeting and exceeding the standards set for sustainable, environmentally friendly building operations.

Future-Proofing Energy Management

Innovative Adaptations

The future of energy efficiency lies in the continuous innovation of technology and strategies. We are committed to ensuring that our submetering solutions are always ahead, incorporating the latest technological innovations, trends, and insights that define the future of energy efficiency.

Scalable Solutions

As buildings expand, adapt, and evolve, so do our submetering solutions. They are scalable, ensuring that every new unit, tenant, or building modification is integrated into the energy efficiency matrix seamlessly and efficiently.


Embarking on the submetering journey with FlowRite Metering is an affirmative step into a world where energy efficiency is intrinsic, insightful, and intuitive. We are not just offering technology; we are offering a partnership where every kilowatt-hour of energy is a strategic asset, every insight is a step towards enhanced efficiency, and every building is an epitome of environmental stewardship and sustainability. It’s a world where energy is not just consumed but is optimized, conserved, and aligned with the compelling narratives of sustainability, efficiency, and performance.