What to Do When Your Submeter Isn’t Working

At FlowRite Metering, we comprehend the perturbation that arises when a submeter fails to function as anticipated. A comprehensive approach to identify, analyze, and resolve these issues is pivotal to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency. We are devoted to enlightening our esteemed clients on an extensive, yet straightforward, guide to maneuver through such instances.

Immediate Steps to Ascertain the Issue

Conduct a Preliminary Assessment

When confronted with a non-functional submeter, the inception of resolution lies in a meticulous yet straightforward preliminary assessment. We provide an explicit guide on the elemental steps to unravel the underlying issues - discerning visual cues, assessing the digital readings, and evaluating the connected systems.

Document the Anomalies

Accurate documentation of the inconsistencies or anomalies is a precursor to efficient resolution. We underscore the significance of noting irregular readings, unusual noises, or any observable inconsistencies. This documentation proves indispensable for diagnostic and repair processes.

Diagnostic Protocols to Identify Underlying Issues

Employing Diagnostic Tools

FlowRite Metering avails sophisticated yet user-friendly diagnostic tools. These are designed with precision to identify the underlying issues with accuracy, ensuring that the remedial measures are targeted and effective.

Consulting the User Manual

The user manual is a reservoir of insightful information. We walk you through the process of extracting relevant data that is instrumental in diagnosing the specific issues afflicting the submeter.

Engaging Professional Assistance

Contacting FlowRite Support Team

When faced with intricate challenges, our support team, renowned for their expertise and responsiveness, is at your beck and call. We ensure that each query is addressed with the profundity it deserves, guaranteeing solutions that are not only effective but also enduring.

Scheduling an On-site Evaluation

For complex issues, an on-site evaluation by our team of seasoned professionals guarantees a comprehensive assessment and resolution. We are committed to ensuring that each visit is as productive as possible, heralding a return to optimal functionality.

Understanding the Repair and Replacement Processes

In-depth Analysis and Repairs

Our approach to repair is rooted in a profound analysis to ensure that each action addresses the root cause. We employ cutting-edge technology and expertise, ensuring that each repair restores the submeter to optimal functionality and efficiency.

Replacement Protocols

In instances where a replacement is imminent, we at FlowRite Metering delineate the protocols with clarity. Our replacements are not only swift but are also accompanied by an in-depth guide to ensure that the new system is understood and utilized optimally.

Preventive and Maintenance Insights

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is pivotal to preempt potential issues. We offer comprehensive guides on maintenance protocols, ensuring that each submeter operates at its pinnacle, guaranteeing accuracy and efficiency.

Technological Updates

Technology is perpetually evolving. We keep our esteemed clients abreast of the latest technological advancements, ensuring that your system is contemporaneous and operates with precision.

Knowledge and Resources

Access to Resource Center

FlowRite Metering’s resource center is a compendium of extensive insights, guides, and tutorials. We ensure that each client has unfettered access to this reservoir of knowledge, empowering them to understand and resolve common issues.

Workshops and Training

We periodically offer workshops and training sessions. These are meticulously crafted to empower our clients with the skills and knowledge to handle common issues, enhancing self-sufficiency and confidence in handling submeters.


The challenge of a malfunctioning submeter, though daunting, is surmountable with the right approach, tools, and support. At FlowRite Metering, we are not only committed to providing immediate and effective solutions but are devoted to empowering our clients with knowledge and skills.

Our approach is holistic, ensuring that each client is equipped to not only resolve current issues but is also empowered to preempt potential challenges. With FlowRite Metering, you are assured of a partnership that transcends the norm, offering a blend of quality, expertise, and commitment that transforms every challenge into an opportunity for enhanced efficiency and profound understanding.

In the journey to unravel and resolve submeter challenges, with FlowRite Metering, you are not just assured of a solution but are guaranteed an enlightening journey that enhances your knowledge, skills, and confidence in handling submeters. We transform challenges into opportunities for empowerment, efficiency, and optimal functionality.